Hi and Thank You for checking out my newest page!

I am now a podcaster!

I have partnered up with a former client Natalie Vires and together we discuss all those sticky things that get in the way of awesome sexual activities.

First, thank you for supporting what I do and being a friend and customer. You may be aware that it is very challenging to promote my service as most of my marketing efforts get banned or denied. Podcasting is an acceptable bridge that allows me to legitimately market my podcast, that directs potential clients to the services that I am not allowed to advertise. Additionally, it has always been difficult for clients to leave a review or testimonial and remain anonymous. Hopefully this is different.

I could use your help.

  1. For the first few weeks of a new podcast, the platform uses traffic counts to determine how popular a podcast might be. If it gets lots of listens, it ranks higher and gets promoted by the platform and then gets more listeners.
  2. Platforms look at reviews to gauge its quality. Good quality also encourages the platform to promote our podcast.

What you can do.

If you wish to be supportive and anonymously promote my services, just listen to our podcast, and if you like it, leave us a review.  That’s all I ask. I know that might sound like a big ask, but I really think you might enjoy our podcast. Here is what one listener said on the first day.

There are links below to the platforms that host our podcast. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. 

Thank you again for your consideration. 



Getting Off With Natalie and Rocky


Meet Natalie and Rocky

Natalie Vires

Make sex fun again. Reclaim pleasure from the realm of unsafe. Schedule with Natalie to put the principles she talks about on this show to work in your love life.




Rocky Peterson

If your partner is a man, watch Rocky show you how to be “The Best He’s Ever Had.”

If your partner is a woman, watch Rocky show you how to be “The Best She’s Ever Had.”

Ladies: Consult with Rocky about how you can achieve levels of pleasure that are currently elusive to you.

Rocky has 45 years experience being deeply interested in how pleasure works for women and 20 years offering and practicing Yoni healing and massage.


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